[CT Birds] Sunday edition NYTimes article: a must read

Sailcarm sailcarm at aol.com
Sun Jun 24 21:28:29 EDT 2012

I just read online (and am quite sure it is featured in today's print version of The NYTimes section Sunday Review) an article called "Nature: Now Showing on TV",  by Diane Ackerman in which she talks about the downside of viewing nature for the most part from webcam sites and such.  She basically says that using the Internet more and more to view nature, but not really being IN NATURE, could radically change us, and not for the better.  A very thought provoking article.  Please read it!

The focal point of the article is Sapsucker Woods in Ithaca, NY, and a great blue heron roost, but as seen only thru a web cam.  And all the ramifications of that!

Carolyn Cimino

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