[CT Birds] Gray Kingbird report?

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 14:15:20 EDT 2012

Hi all,

Not sure what to make of this and I have no way of contacting the
reporter, but someone using the moniker "Susie" just posted the
following comment to my blog:

"There has been a grey kingbird by the Branford River behind the old
Century 21 Real Estate office for the last week. I've seen him twice
but didn't know they were unusual here. I went back last night quickly
just to confirm he was still there. I tried to take his pic, but he
was too camera shy. I wasn't able to return to try again. The address
is 265 East Main St, Branford."

That's all I have. Thought it was worth posting even without any
description, just in case someone wanted to check it out.


Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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