[CT Birds] Time flies and hurricanes are born

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 17:51:13 EDT 2012

It is always amazing that some birds start heading south in late June, and
that the days are getting a little shorter already !
Time flies, and we need to start looking at the weather maps, to see if any
hurricane aims at us this year again!!
Glastonbury, CT

*Subject: Re: Recent sighting's*
From: Nick Bonomo <nbonomo AT gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 10:20:21 -0400

Let the "fall" shorebird migration begin. June 27 perhaps a couple days early
for CT but pretty much on schedule! Expect a trickle of Lesser Yellowlegs,
Least Sandpipers, and SB Dows over the next week or two as they are usually the
first common migrants to return.

Wallingford, CT

On Jun 27, 2012, at 9:15 AM, paul cianfaglione
> 6/27 Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows -  1 LESSER YELLOWLEGS.
> 6/25 Canton, Canton Yard  - 5 AMERICAN WOODCOCK (2 adults, 3 good sized
> young), 1 just out of nest hole YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER.
> Paul Cianfaglione
> Canton

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