[CT Birds] Griswold Pt, a few impressions

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Thu Jul 12 17:58:03 EDT 2012

Had lunch with a friend of mine who is French and who lives not far from White Sands Bch in Old Lyme, so when we took a walk after lunch she wanted to know if I wanted to walk as far as Griswold Pt.  Of course, my answer was a resounding yes, as normally in the summer I do not get to go to Griswold Pt, as parking is a huge issue for us out of towners. Once Labor Day is over one can park free at White Sands Bch.  

My impressions of what I saw at Griswold Pt are colored by the fact that most of my attention was focused on my friend and speaking French, but I had my bins on and my friend understands my obsessive-compulsiveness with every winged thing that flies by, so I was able to get a decent impression of what was there, at least on the east inner side before the breach.

Below is my very iffy report:

1 Short-billed Dowitcher
At least 30 Willets
Several Piping Plovers running around
10 Semi-palmated Plovers
A few Semi-palmated Sandpipers
At least  40 Least Terns if not more
Several Common Terns
1 Snowy Egret

The Least Terns were not at all happy with our presence even though we kept well clear of fenced off areas.  It seemed like they were everywhere, which, of course, is a good thing.

At home in my yard, alas, I observed a Song Sparrow this morn feeding a fledgling which was bigger than the sparrow.  It turned out to be a juv. Cowbird.  

Carolyn Cimino

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