[CT Birds] Bird Amusement

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 21:13:19 EDT 2012

I must have 10 juvenal Tufted Titmice in my yard.  I got home after work to
a *very* noisy backyard.  Lots of squeeks in the trees.  Looked up to find
a load of llittle guys all making a racket.  I quickly went and filled up
the bird feeder and they were all over it as were 4 juvenal No. Cardinals.
The little Red-bellied Woodpecker has finally been given the cold shoulder
by parents.  He still tries the
hunker-down-flap-your-wings-and-sound-helpless routine, but it just isn't
working anymore.  Fun to watch all the antics.

This afternoon when I stole away for a lunch break by the creek on
Brookside drive in Fairfield, I noticed a Viburnum with nice berries on
it.  Then I saw some movement and there was a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Much
to my surprise he was clinging for dear life at the end of the branch
grabbing some of the berries.  I'd never seen that behavior.  Clearly they
are not well-adapted to fruit eating, as he was having a heck of a time
holding onto the end of the branch where the fruit was situated.  But he
was successful in grabbing some of those berries.  He was soon joined by a
Northern Mockingbird.

How fun is this birding stuff, anyway!!!

Jan Hollerbach

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