[CT Birds] Pledge to Fledge

Audubon Center at Bent of the River bentoftheriver at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 11:02:59 EDT 2012

Hello birders,

One of our guest speakers from last year's COA Annual Meeting, Richard
Crossley, has completed the next step in his project to help promote
birding around the world.  Please check out their website, and make your
own pledge (you'll see that I already have made my pledge to share birding
with my ciricle of friends and family in August).

Good Birding,

Ken Elkins
President, COA

A small group of us has been working to put together a new birding
initiative www.pledgetofledge.org

Our goal is to popularize birding. Conservation comes with numbers!  We
believe the best way to do this is to ask birders to spread the word to
non-birders and take them out birding. We’re going to dedicate two weekends
a year to encourage birders to take a neighbor, a friend, family member,
local kid or anybody else out birding – ‘fledging’ a new birder!
 Participants can then share their stories, photos and videos with others
on our social media sites.

The kick-off weekend is set for August 24-26th 2012.

Our website is launching today and we need your help. Please join our
movement, sign the Pledge and make a difference!

Richard Crossley

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