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For those interested, Tucson Audubon has just released a new edition of  
their "Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona" guidebook. I just received my copy, 
 along with a the July-September issue of their magazine. There is a 
section in  the mag about a festival they are having, August 15-19. It's only the 
2nd year  and I didn't know about it because I didn't go last summer due to 
the fires. I  assume the fires must have put quite a crimp in  it.  The 
usual seminars and birding events, but  some of it sounds pretty interesting to 
me. Richard Crossley is the  headliner.
FYI, if you want a copy of the book, it's 2 bux cheaper with shipping to  
order through Amazon than direct from Tucson Aud. Takes about 2 weeks to get 
it,  I assume, either way.
Don Morgan
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Subj: OT but perhaps relevant to  some

I am planning to head for Arizona, by car, around the beginning of  August, 
and return about the middle of September. Does anyone have  suggestions for 
birding stops to make on the trips out or back? I expect  to target SE 
Arizona, which I know fairly well, but how about ideas for  out-of-area trips in 
that part of the country. I have no preconceived notions  of the routes out 
or back, and all ideas are welcomed.
There will be a new post on my blog shortly, which may be of interest to  

Don Morgan
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