[CT Birds] Chimney Swift Question

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 21:41:18 EDT 2012

Hi, All.

While doing some vacation coverage today,  I happened to overhear the
secretary talking to her husband on the phone.  I heard the words "Chimney
Swifts" which, of course, stopped me dead in my tracks.  She apparently has
a bunch of Chimney Swifts nesting in her chimney.  Their droppings are
causing a major odor problem and she wants to get rid of them.  I
immediately (and probably inappropriately) went running over to her and
started gesticulating and telling her NOT to do anything with the birds.
Her husband is not so anxious to get rid of them either, but she is not
liking the smell.  So I told her I'd check with the list here and find out
when the birds would likely be leaving on their own.  I also made it clear
she would not want to be killing off a whole generation of baby birds.  She
did agree she wouldn't want to do anything until the young ones had
fledged.  So does anybody have any dates I can give her as to fledging and
migrating?  She is serious about getting the chimney capped so I've got to
be able to encourage her to wait a little longer.  Another question for you
all: What happens if the babies have fledged?  Do the adults still need the
nests in the chimney or can they go elsewhere?  This whole thing had me
panicked and heartsick.  Kidnapping her and keeping her in my basement
until migration is over is not an option.  :-D

Thanks for any and all info!

Jan Hollerbach

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