[CT Birds] Purple Martin Condos @ Greenwich Point

Michael Aurelia maurelia at msn.com
Fri Jul 20 10:32:20 EDT 2012

This Wednesday a strong down draft @ Greenwich Point tipped over our 12 unit Purple Martin Condos even though it has a five hundred pound base.  
Concerned citizens and birders contacted me within the hour and as a result Joseph Cassone (Town of Greenwich Conservation Assistant) and I were able to quickly re-erect  the unit but couldn't evaluate the impact to the birds at that time because of the storm raging around us.
On Thursday morning we evaluated the status of the birds in the unit. I am happy to report that fifteen juvenile purple martins were observed alive and well. The only impact appeared to be the cracking of two of four eggs in one of the five active nests.  During our evaluation adult birds were actively visiting all the gourds with juveniles or eggs. 
Although this unit is only in its second year, DEEP officials tell us we have birds with bands from other colonies in Westport and Kent.
Please report banded birds or future concerns about the Unit to Joseph Cassone @ 203-622-6461.
M. Aurelia   		 	   		  

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