[CT Birds] finch disease

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 12:50:18 EDT 2012

Hi Susanne,
It is very distressing to see that.  I have had outbreaks at my feeders of
the house finch conjunctivitis.  The disease involves the respiratory
system (sneezing, coughing, gasping) of the house finch but sometimes
manifests itself in the outward sign of conjunctivitis....eyes are crusty,
oozing, sometimes completely shut. Birds then starve because they are blind
and cannot see food. Your young finches seem to have it, as you described
them gasping...
I had brought  a few to Ansonia nature center when I caught them with a
butterfly net.  They treated the birds with antibiotics.  Some recovered,
some not.  I was told to bleach the feeders, perches , etc often.  One
woman told me not to feed the birds at all during the summer months, since
they have plenty of food.  However, the disease appears in the winter too.
I was told that I could purchase powdered antibiotics for parakeets (or
other indoor birds) at pet stores and put it into the birds' outside water
sources, but that is haphazard at best.  If you caught the bird(s) and were
able to administer the antibiotics to them as labeled, that is a
Good luck,
Bev Propen

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