[CT Birds] Wilson's Storm-Petrel, LI Ferry

Sara Zagorski penguinsz at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 24 13:40:54 EDT 2012

7/24 - I woke up early this morning, checked the weather, and made a quick decision to take the ferry over to Orient Pt this morning. I made the 7 am ferry, sea was very calm and there were few birds, mostly great black-black gulls and common terns. On the way back, about 10 minutes after crossing the CT line (GPS verified) I saw one Wilson's Storm Petrel flying in front of the boat. That was it. Normally I see them in groups, but I was happy with the one. I know Jim Dugan had taken the ferry over about 2 weeks ago and saw 2 on the CT side. Usually there are more storm-petrels about in CT waters at this time of year.

Sara Zagorski

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