[CT Birds] Orange-crowned Warbler… RIP

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Hi Steve,

On the other hand, free to roam pets/strays may simply be coming menu items for the ever expanding wildlife populations of Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Fisher, Horned Owls and others. 
Rabies and other disease that are commonly carried by wild life mammals are also a major concern for all free to roam house pets.
Allowing a house hold pet to roam free may at any point quickly turn into a death sentence for that family pet.
Folks, do what you have to do, but if you truly LOVE your pet, it should never be left out all alone to possibly face a showdown with a coyote or bobcat or rabid raccoon/skunk/fox and any of the others.
The pet will  lose, and his stuff happens everyday in CT.
Please understand that much of this wildlife has moved into almost all areas of CT, large tracts of forest are no longer needed  to support many of the above mentioned wildlife species.
Coyote for example has adapted very well with residential neighborhoods throughout the State.
They are a major threat to any small household pet and certainly to some of the bigger ones.
A thought, if Mountain Lions are for real in this state, how would the pet  Great Dane or Mastiff do against it?
Never mind an otherwise large house pet.

Larry Flynn

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> ML Dahl:
> Thanks for sharing. I'm sure everyone on the CT bird list is as 
> excited as you that you were able to photograph the bird in its 
> final moments. Please keep the Orange-crowned on ice because if 
> your cat has its way, there will be none left.
> Steve Beal
> On Jul 28, 2012, at 8:04 PM, Thomas Robben wrote:
> > Another one of the very large number of birds killed by family 
> pets that
> > should have bells on their neck collars … not sure why these 
> pet owners do
> > not do this (for both cats, dogs and other pets which might 
> kill birds)?
> > Tom Robben, Glastonbury CT
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> > 
> > From ML Dahl
> > July 28
> > Coggswell Road West Cornwall
> > One Orange Crowned Warbler. (I have photos, because it was 
> alive when my cat
> > brought it in, but did not live long.
> > 
> > It is in my freezer.) This is the first time I have ever seen 
> this bird.
> > 
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