[CT Birds] FW: [MASSBIRD] BROWN BOOBY off Martha's Vineyard 26-28 July

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FYI,just in case this bird happens to "get lost" in Long Island Sound and CT. Tina GreenWestportWellfleet(for now)
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Subject: [MASSBIRD] BROWN BOOBY off Martha's Vineyard 26-28 July
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I just received word of a subadult BROWN BOOBY photographed on board a research vessel 50 mi SW of Martha's Vineyard by Michael Schrimpf, our eBird reviewer for pelagic waters. The bird arrived 26 July and stayed with the boat for three days. The photos leave no doubt to the ID and I posted a couple to my Flickr page:


Michael will research the lat-longs, but says it is likely the bird was seen in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island waters, although it sounds like it was initially in Massachusetts. Here is what he wrote:

"When it was first sighted, at 14:40 on the 26th, we were roughly 50 nautical miles SW of Martha's Vineyard. It stuck pretty close to the ship (occasionally leaving for a few hours at a time - presumably to go fishing). The last confirmed sighting by any of the crew (I had everyone keeping tabs on it for me), was around 07:40 on the 28th, while we were entering Vineyard Sound.

I will obviously enter it in eBird when I get the chance, but you may want to let the local community know about it - there is a chance that it will still be in the area. I also have the complete GPS track of the ship during the period when the bird was seen. I will need to look the data over, but I am pretty sure it was seen in both MA and RI waters."

Keep you eyes out, especially those lucky enough to be on Martha's Vienyard, Nantucket, or Block Island. Checking jetties and offshore roosting rocks at dusk might be worthwhile since this bird is likely to pick a spot like that to roost, just like the long-staying bird did last year.


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