[CT Birds] wonderful Silence of Nature!

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 31 13:26:19 EDT 2012

    Today, while taking a break from making my fathers famous Bread & Butter 
pickles, I went outside and sat under the Cedar tree with the bird feeder in it. 
The neighborhood was surprisingly quiet, with no human noises to be heard, cept 
a far off rooster calling just once. I was in the wonderful Silence of Nature! 
All to be herd was the chirps and doings of the birds visiting the feeder, even 
the quiet sounds of their wings while flitting about. 

This Natural Silence is becoming a rare thing today. It is so difficult to get 
away from mans ever present noise. But in this here and now, I was happily 
surrounded by the natural quiet bliss of the creatures and things that we call 

Why are we, as a people, so afraid of the Silence?

Paul Carrier – just my humble opinion.

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