[CT Birds] White-T Sparrows

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 4 11:47:48 EDT 2012

As far as White-T Sparrows are concerned - I have been seeing a pair up in West 
Hartland all summer, but still have no evidence of breeding, but sure believe 
they are. They use to be a common breeder up here many years ago. Their is much 
undeveloped forested areas up here, and we can assume this bird still breeds 
here, but needs documentation. I am trying my best to do so...

Also: After the breeding season - which is winding down  right about now - many 
birds begin to wander about, usually in small to large groups. It is not unusual 
to see groups of a dozen to much more within the woods, all searching for food, 
with adults and yearling young within. The impulse to migrate south takes time, 
so seeing birds that do not breed in your area but do so to the north, usually 
does not happen till a good cold front comes through. 

Paul Carrier

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