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I have heard this fairly often with woodland birds. While hiking I have
heard countless instances of counter-singing species such as Thrushes,
Warblers, Nightjars, etc, do this. I surmise the periodicity of the phrase
repetition has more to do with the individual singer, with the interval of
silence being slightly shorter or longer from one individual to another. So
to borrow a phrase from electrical engineering, their songs move from being
"in phase" to being "out of phase" as they counter-sing. I also strongly
suspect a heightened level of agitation (male hormone related of course!) in
the singer may quicken the phrase repetition. In a related observation, I
have also noticed when calling to owls, such as Barred or Saw-whet, that
they will often start their answering call before I have finished my


Dave Provencher

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Yesterday, I heard two Cardinals having a song duel. 
It is common to hear one do its calling, then when that ends, the other
begins its reply. Well these two did not know the rules, and both would
occasionally overlap the others song - and once, they were in perfect duet
with each other.

I have never encountered this before - has anyone else heard this as well?

Paul Carrier
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