[CT Birds] Another unusual summer sighting Keith Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Aug 4 19:25:26 EDT 2012

Madison, 3:30 pm- (Seen by many) From the porch of the beach cottage  
on Weaver Beach (off Neck Rd.)- an adult Bald Eagle appeared from the  
southeast and started chasing an Osprey which had a Menhaden we just  
watched it catch. The Eagle circled the Osprey twice and made a grab  
for the fish, It successfully stole the fish from the Osprey with its  
BILL not its talons! It flew directly over us with the Menhaden still  
in its bill while the Osprey chased it obviously objecting to the fish  
transaction! The Eagle then turned southwest towards Faulkners Island  
with the fish still in its bill. The Eagle than transferred the fish  
to its talons in flight, and then it started tearing at the fish while  
it was flying. It vanished into the haze heading directly for Faulkners.

This is the first Eagle I have ever seen in early August in the area,  
and the first time I witnessed it stealing a fish from an Osprey with  
its bill. Of course I left my camera home today!!

Keith Mueller
Killingworth, CT http://coastalbirds2.blogspot.com/

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