[CT Birds] More Hummer behaviour

Sheril Frano sfrano at att.net
Mon Aug 6 20:45:23 EDT 2012

My hummers are also behaving increasingly more territorial/confrontational.
Until this weekend, we had only seen one at a time, always a female. Either
an adult or a juvenile. I have not seen one male all summer. Now, we're
seeing three at a time. One adult female is relentless in her behavior, she
seems to have no fear of anything and will drive all the larger birds away.
Tonight we watched her shake down all the finches and sparrows. She also
checks us out, coming right to our eyeline and hovering about 1 foot from
our faces. 

I replaced the sugar water tonight and after completely gorging on it, she
did allow another female to feed from the honeysuckle furthest away from
her, whilst she rested on a branch, but mostly they're chasing each other
around very high up into the Maples. Amazing to watch in my garden as I know
they'll be gone again much too soon.

Unrelated - Who knew my beautiful male Oriole would hang around, still sing
and call, and come down to eat the ripe peaches on my tree- bonus!


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