[CT Birds] Pigeon Found with Band

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 09:38:17 EDT 2012

I was approached this morning by the hostess at my fave diner in Fairfield (Penneys on Black Rock Turnpike). She had seen a pigeon behind the diner. As she approached it it didn't fly away, so she took it home. (she is a bird lover and has other birds at home). She told me the bird has a band and she's concerned it might be someone's pet. The bird is black and she said the band says PACH 136-4. If anyone knows of this bird or can give me any info that would be great. Or if it turns out this is a banded rare pigeon from Uzbekistan we'd want to know that, too.   :-D

Jan Hollerbach

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