[CT Birds] Mystic RB Nuthatch

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 10:26:24 EDT 2012

from Glenn Williams:
8/8 (am) - Mystic yard -- RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH

This is the first one in my yard since the invasion (two?) years ago and on the heels of Frank Gallo's coastal report yesterday.  In that invasion year, I had migrating RB Nuthatches any day that the winds were at all favorable from that August into late November, though they were rarely ever seen or heard after morning and never at my feeders.  In comparison, we had one RB Nuthatch last fall at Bluff Point.  

As others have pointed out on this list, early movers of a species don't always indicate an invasion year.  I look forward to the winter finch forecast from Ron Pittiway in Ontario.

Glenn Williams

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