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I've had several pigeon racing fanciers tell me that if a pigeon didn't win the raceor make it back home in timely fashion, it's not wanted or is "destroyed".Often, it's not the pigeon's fault - they do get caught up in storms, are attackedby hawks.I've gotten in many, many racers over the years coming from very far off places,e.g. PA, Ohio, Indiana.  I've seen guys with out of state plates pull over on parkwaysand release birds.And some of these guys wonder and whine about what happened to their birds orwhy are they disappearing? Meredith SampsonOld Greenwich
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When I was living in apartment in Plainsboro, NJ many years ago I noted a pigeon hanging around the bottom of the steps of my apartment building. Being concerned about the pigeon I called the local police and asked them about what I could do about the pigeon. The police referred me to a local man who kept homing pigeons. This fellow came around and collected the pigeon. As Paul mentioned this homing pigeon person said the owner of this pigeon would not likely like to have the pigeon back as it had lost it's way and failed to return 'home".

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