[CT Birds] Budgie with Monk Parakeets, New Haven

Kevin Burgio kevin.burgio at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 17:30:00 EDT 2012

I just returned from a survey of some Monk Parakeet nests (for my research)
and I found a large foraging group of Monks next to Bayview Park in New
Haven.  Within a group of Monks preening in a tree, I saw what I thought
was a really tiny Monk Parakeet but it turned out to be a Budgie.  The
Monks seemed rather interested in the bird, but the Budgie seemed content
to let them investigate while it preened itself.  So, if you are missing a
yellow and green Budgie in that area, look to the flock of Monk Parakeets.
 I'll be interested to see if the Budgie remains with the group.

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