[CT Birds] Moving on

Elaine etbchs at aol.com
Mon Aug 13 15:43:36 EDT 2012

Northwest Bristol @ Orchard Hill. The 3 Little Green Herons have moved on....but not without practically posing for me to shoot some great close up pictures. They were amazing to watch. While I love the flight of a hawk, it's a bit of shock to upload your pictures and see a rabbit in its talons! Two immature Red tail Hawks stationed themselves on a roof top in opposite directions to make this find. Mockingbirds have been pulling bits of straw and grasses from my hanging flowers...and many more young are out and about. The number of Barn Swallows has dwindled significantly and no Bluebirds have been here in weeks. The usual Egret that visits once or twice before summer ends has made its visit. Summer is fading and the birds are the first to let me know. 
Elaine Taylor


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