[CT Birds] Non-birding question

Scott Henckel scott.henckel at snet.net
Thu Aug 16 16:54:53 EDT 2012

I think Dave is on the right track. This describes them perfectly.


Scott I think it may be one of the species of Scoliid wasp. If we're talking
of the same insect it is large, bulky, with many visible "hairs" on the
thorax and abdomen (giving it a sort of "wooly bear" appearance), is largely
black with vivid orange, and flies slowly and deliberately, searching close
to the ground and at the base of weed and grass clumps.


In the info I have read about Cicada Killers it says they are solitary but
the wasps at work seem very gregarious as there are about 5-10 of them at a
time.  Like Dave said when you see one it will definitely catch your
attention. In flight the wasp looks very orange and I think the wings also
have some orange twinge to them. If you see one you'll remember it.


When I asked the question I figured somebody out there would have known for
sure. This is getting interesting. LOL!


Thanks again everybody,




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