[CT Birds] R I overnight Pelagic trip- still a few spaces available- don't miss out! K Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Aug 18 10:19:15 EDT 2012

There are still a few spaces available for the upcoming Rhode Island  
overnight Pelagic Trip from Galilee Rhode Island to Block Canyon. This  
is the only summer trip scheduled for offshore pelagic birds this  
summer from Rhode Island....it is an awesome trip and shouldn't be  
missed!! You have a great chance to see and add to your rare bird  

For the fourth year an overnight Pelagic trip has been scheduled to Block
Canyon and the shelf edge south of RI. I have reserved September 6 th  
on the 'Lady Frances' out of Galilee, RI. The boat would depart on  
Thursday September 6th at 9 PM and return on the 7th at 9 PM.There are  
bunks onboard for 45 passengers but this trip will be limited to  
40.The idea would be to sleep on the way and wake up at dawn 90 miles  
out on the shelf edge, bird until 3 PM and return to port. There is a  
full Galley and food and drink can be bought or you can bring your  
own. The cost of the trip if we can get 40 birders will be $175. This  
price includes a tip for the mates.

This trip could present a great opportunity to possibly see some of the
rarer visitors to RI waters such as Audubon's Shearwater, Bridled and Arctic
Tern,South Polar Skua, Jaegers, White-faced and Leech's Storm-petrels and
Band-rumped Storm-petrel. On previous trips we have had a Black-capped
Petrel,Bridled Tern, Sabines Gull, Band-rumped  
Storm-petrel,Long-tailed Jaegers and many
Audubon's Shearwaters. We continue to hope for White-faced  
Storm-petrel and this
trip is scheduled to offer the greatest possibility. Please let me  
know if you are interested as soon as possible. Payment would be
due in mid August. My e-mail is

                      dcpedro at cox.net.

Further info on the 'Lady Frances' can be obtained on the 'FRANCES FLEET'

Carlos Pedro

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