[CT Birds] Rocky Hill Meadows - Dickcissel, update on possible Lark Bunting

Bill Asteriades Asterbunch at cox.net
Sat Aug 18 12:18:39 EDT 2012

8/18/12 Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows - 1 DICKCISSEL seen in wetland with 
tall grass along with approx. 250 Bobolinks.   The field is located on Great 
Meadow Road near the bend which leads to the entrance by the ferry (1/2 mile 
south of where the Stilt Sandpiper was seen).

Patrick and I were able to relocate the possible Lark Bunting, which was 
seen in the same location as the Dickcissel and Bobolinks, noting additional 
field marks which point towards a Lark Bunting.  These marks include a black 
wing with white patch.  We spent an additional 30 minutes but were unable to 
relocate the bird again.

Bill Asteriades
South Glastonbury, CT 

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