[CT Birds] Olive sided Flycatcher & other stuff

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Mon Aug 20 16:28:28 EDT 2012

Birded all day in upper North West CT. 
Colebrook Reservoir:

12 Semi Sandpiper
3 Least Sandpiper
5 Killdeer
1 lone large peep way out - guess White- R- Sand
1 Lesser Yellowlegs
1 Im Bald Eagle
Yesterday, Wayne Meagher had 6 Bald Eagles here
2 Fish Crow
6 Am Pipit - first of year - over on east side - flying, but lost in grass
8 Common Merganser - all Im birds

on way to and at Beeber, no Beaver pond:
10 junco
1 Ruffed Grouse
1 Kingfisher - NO dicky birds here at all!

Up to top of Canaan Mt reservoir: (1,600 feet)
50 Swallows over water - almost all Barns!
Pair Bald Eagle
Top of Mt was so silent today. So tranquil with no human noise. 
I enjoyed that very much. Butterflies were everywhere in open areas.

Heading home, discovered North Goshen Rd. 
In wet area saw my first -  Olive sided  Flycatcher of year!

All in all - was very dead (and quiet) for dicky and migrant birds.

Paul Carrier

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