[CT Birds] Possible LITTLE STINT. LARK SPARROW, etc.

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 20 22:48:46 EDT 2012

8/20/2012 - This morning at Stratford Point,  Stratford, after discovering an 
adult LARK SPARROW and showing it to Milan Bull, Anthony Zemba, and Charles 
Barnard,Jr., I made a quick walk around the rest of the coastal perimeter path. 
 I found a relatively small flock of shorebirds resting at high tide on the 
north side of the point, consisting of Semipalmated Plovers and Semipalmated 
Sandpipers (adult & juvenile).  Among them I scoped a small "peep" that had a 
strange rusty-buffy wash on the breast, and had dark legs.  I then saw that it 
had a distinct split white supercilium (eyebrow).  At this, I thought it might 
be something rare like a Little Stint. So I managed to take a few digiscope 
photos.  Unfortunately something spooked the flock after about 5 minutes, and 
they all  departed to the southwest towards Russian Beach. 
The photos also show a pale face, white forehead, dark eyeline to the bill, 
bright rusty upper scapulars, largely dark-centered scapulars and wing coverts 
with bright pale edges.  A noticeable pale "V" is on the mantle.  The bill is 
black, straight, and tapered to a fairly fine point, unlike the slight droop 
that a Least Sandpiper exhibits.
I had to leave on an urgent errand.  But I returned late afternoon to search for 
this sandpiper, as well as the Sparrow.  Negative on both. 

Photos of the sandpiper/stint and the sparrow can be seen 

Comments welcomed.

Also, 3 Red-breasted Nuthatches were at Roosevelt Forest (Peters Lane) today, in 
the White Pine stand near the lot.

Frank  Mantlik

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8/23 and 8/29.  Please go to 
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