[CT Birds] Humming birds

Lisa lisagagnon24 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 23:11:38 EDT 2012

Lisa S.Spgs.. General question.. Does anyone have an idea of why one of my female hummers is being so defensive over a feeder... Ive been watching her do this for a few weeks... Ive come to the conclusion that she is not my resident female due to her behavior and chatter... I have 2 other feeders and there seperated a descent distance.. She will allow other females & males to eat off the others and flowers if they come within a hair of were her feeder is she goes nuts chasing them away... I know were she sits and watches to... Ive never seen females do that only my resident male has done that in the past... Any thoughts.... You can email me personally... Lisa. 8/20/12

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