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Tue Aug 21 21:59:32 EDT 2012

I was at Barn Island, Stonington, from high tide to dead low tide today, that is, from about 1PM to 6 PM.   should have been there much earlier as I spoke with a birder who had seen 2 WHIMBRELS in the morn around 10 AM.  Oh well!

Here is a list of the highlights from my afternoon there.   Complete list is on eBirds.

1 PEREGRINE FALCON chasing after a Lesser Yellowlegs.  The yellowlegs won somehow.
1 Northern Harrier 
20 Lesser Yellowlegs
12 Greater Yellowlegs
1 Spotted Sandpiper
6 Least Sandpipers
8 Great Egrets, of which 6 were roosting in a tree on the eastern edge
2 Great Blue Herons
2 Marsh Wrens
1 Belted Kingfisher
 1 E. Phoebe

Did not hear or see any Saltmarsh Sparrows.  They were plentiful earlier this season.  Are they just in a non breeding funk now or have they left??   LIkewise for Bobolinks at the Avalonia Land Trust area just before one arrives at BI (aka Castle Fields).  I stopped there briefly before BI.  Very quiet.  

Also, no Snowy Egrets today.

On my way back home to Waterford, I took some back roads and was fortunate to hear a Great  Horned Owl (it was around 7 PM), so I stopped and was able to get great looks at not one but two Great Horned Owls.  Great way to end my non-Whimbrel day.  Location of owls: somewhere between E. Lyme and the Rhode Island border.

Carolyn Cimino

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