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Wed Aug 22 19:41:37 EDT 2012

Once again, today at around 5ish, I sat down on my back deck and observed a 
dicky bird movement go through the yard. I got a Warbling Vireo for my yard 
 plus an early CAP MAY WARBLER. Their were other warblers
 and several Empidonax Flycatchers as well, but nothing noteworthy .

    However, I have mentioned this before on this site.
 Here, where I live in Harwinton, it is 900 foot elevation at the top
 of a very rounded mountain. During the fall migration, I have noticed
 movements of birds here in my yard, late in the day, that seem to have followed 
the suns 

travels up the west facing mountain as it sets in the West. I believe this gives 
the birds
the advantage of being able to search for insect food longer into the afternoon 
the trees become dark from the setting sun. Has anyone else seen this phenomena?
I would be pleased to hear from you off site if you wish...Paul Carrier    

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