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Yup. It would seem Red-breasted Nuthatches are pretty much ubiquitous in CT
at the moment. Of course I also heard and saw quite a few in the
Pemigewasset Wilderness of New Hampshire earlier in the week on a 20 mile
hike over Owl's Head. So there are plenty more to come. I would guess we'll
see a spike in mid-September, but in past years when they've moved this
early it seemed that the majority moved right through and they weren't
particularly numerous here during the winter. This may have something to do
with their diet during irruption years. During the warm months Red-breasted
Nuthatches rely very heavily on insects for their diet, and they cache seeds
to prepare for winter. Well obviously there will be no caches awaiting them
when they irrupt southwards, so I would presume insects would play a larger
part in their winter diet on irruption years than on non-irruption years,
and further south usually means more insects. At least in January! 

Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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In our yard, a Cooper's Hawk has taken a few Blue Jays in the past two weeks
and we have had a few bald Blue Jays as well.

I haven't been posting them, but Red-breasted Nuthatches are around in my
yard most mornings since the first one two weeks ago.  I even had a "rare"
afternoon sighting yesterday.

Glenn Williams

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