[CT Birds] Sad news for insectivores

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 23 11:06:50 EDT 2012

    With every action - (spraying poison to rid of one species) - their is an 
opposite reaction.
     In this case - many other living organisms that are not the target species. 
Plus - the residual poison in and on the intended species, can kill many of the 
species that were not intended to be killed. 

    EX: Over the many years of helping the Bluebirds here in my area to prosper 
through placement of breeding boxes, I saw several examples where the use of 
common household herbicides and insecticides eventually killed the young being 
fed from the still live poisoned insects before they died. I estimated over 20 
plus years, over 12 broods at 4 birds each average, died because of the use of 
common accepted household poisons. 

When you target a species for killing through spraying, many other species get 
killed as well, plus the balance of that ecosystem will be disrupted as well - 
some for many years to come...

Paul Carrier

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