[CT Birds] winters food supply

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Thu Aug 23 11:36:35 EDT 2012

I would just like to ad a bit to David Provencher's post on the movements of 

It is also very important that as these birds, and all the other species that 
migrate and disperse for the winter as well, find adequate and abundant foods 
for them to subsist on, and for how long this will supply them is the key. 

When the supply of food gets used up, they are then forced to move on till more 
is found. It's natures - supply and demand - that regulates who shows up where, 
and for how long. 

Also: Last winter was a good one here in CT for the tree food crop and some 
other food sources as well. BUT - it was also good in many areas to our North, 
making for abundant food there as well. This created less movement of birds 
south (such as Red-b-Nutatch) that needed to find more abundant foods elsewhere, 
even though our crop was abundant for them here.

Most birds do not need to move elsewhere, when the food crop is just fine and 
abundant where they are.

Paul Carrier  

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