[CT Birds] Sad news for insectivores

paul cianfaglione pgcianfaglione at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 16:53:03 EDT 2012

*When you target a species for killing through spraying, many other species
killed as well, plus the balance of that ecosystem will be disrupted as
well -
some for many years to come...

Paul Carrier*

Paul, you make a great point! Also something to think about when you spray
for insects, certain species of insects can evolve a resistance to a
pesticide in the course of a single growing season!  Don't believe me, ask
the cotton farmer down south. Almost anything you give an insect, almost
any way you find to kill it, it will find a way not to be killed. Lets hope
the rest of the ecosystem can somehow evolve that same resistance.

Paul Cianfaglione

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