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Mon Aug 27 11:22:29 EDT 2012

CT Birders-

These days the rehabilitation aspect of the sanctuary is not the main focus as it  I am committing myself to education instead.  I not only teach wildlife rehabilitators techniques for specialized species I also offer  programs to the public and would very much like to increase my reach to the public.  Please feel free to pass along the following information to any organization that you feel may be interested.

 I offer educational programs to organizations/clubs around CT that are especially well received by like-minded groups in the birding/nature community.

A very popular program I offer is called Supporting CT’s Migratory Songbirds, Through Rehabilitation, Reducing Negative Impacts, and Bird Scaping. This lively, enthusiasm filled program chock full of useful information, photos and video starts off with discussion about the sanctuary, what species it handles, why birds come into rehabilitation,  the causes and injuries/conditions, and  the process from admittance until release that the birds go through. The middle of the presentation discusses how to reduce negative impacts around your home and town to prevent songbirds from being injured. The presentation, winds up with discussion about landscaping to attract songbirds, and also includes feeder types, foods, water features and much more.

I will also soon be able to offer a program on landscaping with native plants to attract and support songbirds, and a presentation on how to create a hummingbird haven.

For more information about the Sanctuary please visit the website at www.mvssanctuary.org  or for any questions or to schedule a presentation please call 860-276-8433
Look forward to hearing from you!


Jayne Neville
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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