[CT Birds] LHP Dickcissel etc

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 16:51:05 EDT 2012

>From Greg Hanisek, Bill Banks
8/27 New Haven, Lighthouse Point hawk watch - just 3 Ospreys fit the profile of passage raptors during 5.75 hours of light NE swinging ing to moderate SW winds. The best of the other migrants noted was one flyby DICKCISSEL. Also 4 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, 4 Chimney Swifts, 7 Eastern Kingbirds, 4 Purple Martins, just c 100 combined Tree and Barn Swallows, 2 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES, 10 Blue-gray Gnat-catchers, 60 Bobolinks, 140 Red-winged Blackbirds, 1 PURPLE Finch.
There were c. 400 Common Terns feeding in the Sound E of the Point. Too distant to pick out any other sps mixed in.
Of interest were 15 Bobolinks that dropped into the tiny "prairie" that has been created opposite the butterfly garden (which was absolutely crammed with Leps). The "prairie" this year sports a lush growth of foxtail grass that pulled in the Bobolinks

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