[CT Birds] General bird stuff

Lisa lisagagnon24 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 23:17:27 EDT 2012

Lisa S.Spgs. 8/29... Had some Pine Warblers in the back yard woods.. After the mated they have been really quiet. I started hearing them on & off again last few days. Also the R.S.H & B.W.H have been vocal again in the past week.. Had a Raven today to. Grackles small flocks no big groups yet... Im waiting for the R.B.N since someone ( I forgot who ) reported them at Bigelow state park in Union. Im only 10 min from there.. And the R.T.H have dwindled down to about 4 now so far,,however my crazy female is still here.. My resident Cardinals have been visiting with I think there 2nd brood.. The Barred owls were in neighbor hood again last night also... Which Fly Catcher makes that pree sound.. Im pretty sure thats who it is ive been hearing on & off last few days... Or B.G.N ?  Thanks Lisa.

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