[CT Birds] Connecticut regional guides?

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I'm replying to all just in case anyone else might be interested in this topic.

There are two detailed guides to finding birds in CT that were published in the 1990's, though I don't know how widely used either of them are.  The more popular one is "Connecticut Birding Guide" by Buzz Devine and Dwight Smith.  It's written in the style of the popular ABA birdfinding guides and has detailed directions and information about many of the locations that frequent readers of this listserv will see in the reports a lot.  A good book for the beginning explorer, and it covers the whole state.  The other one is "Finding Birds in Connecticut: A Habitat-Based Guide to 450  Sites" by Gene Billings and Dave Rosgen, the latter of whom has been a regular contributor to this list for many years..  It covers a massive number of locations, again all over the state (450 spots in CT!) and is good for the more adventuresome.  It was self-published around the same time as the Smith and Devine book, and I don't know how widely available it is, though a quick web search just now brought back some hits.  While both are over 10 years old now, I think the information contained in them is likely still pretty relevant.  I mean, Milford Point and Hammo haven't changed that much over that period of time.

Perhaps one or both of these books is available at the Audubon Shop in Madison or the Fat Robin in Hamden, both of which are fine businesses owned by COA members and worthy of our support.

Maybe some local audubon websites or bird clubs also have some stuff about where to go in their respective areas, but I wouldn't know.  I just go everywhere, myself.  At least when it's a little more affordable to do so than it is right now anyway.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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Can anyone recommend a guide for the Connecticut/southern New England area only?

It could help lessen my confusion when I'm out.

Thanks,  Bob Jase
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