[CT Birds] Connecticut regional guides?

Lynn Jones lynnjones11 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 09:06:20 EDT 2012

I'll just add...  Don't be afraid to write in your field guides.  If you
have a field guide to the birds of Eastern North America but are new and
just looking for those birds you are likely to see most often.  Go print
out The Checkllist of Bird of CT from the COA site (under the ARCC link)and
underline or highlight the more common species.  You can even use Greg
Hanisek's guide to see what birds are more common and when and create your
own code to know if you are likely to see it, at what time.  No single
guide is perfect for a specific person, so make yours the most helpful to
you.  It might take a little bit more work on your part but in the field it
will help you weed through a lot of unlikely species.

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