[CT Birds] New book by Bernd Heinrich

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 31 12:25:28 EDT 2012

I just finished "Life Everlasting, The Animal Way of Death. Another incredible book by one of my favorite authors. Heinrich is known for his books and research on ravens and vultures. This book deals with an unusual topic...how animals are "recycled" after death. From beetles that bury mice to scavenging behaviors of animals and birds, this is a fascinating read. 

There are wonderful tidbits of knowledge throughout...for example, how sapsuckers preferentially choose trees with tinder fungus to excavate nesting holes, and why this may be so. 

The last chapters put it all together...how we are all connected with these natural processes. "Ravens in Winter" was my favorite Heinrich book, but this may equal or surpass that.


I highly recommend this book!

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