[CT Birds] re-Cinnamon Teal/Pintail/hybrid

John Ogren northernrail at comcast.net
Fri Aug 31 14:26:17 EDT 2012

There has been some discussion on this bird. 
When I first spotted it with bino's this morning the thing that first struck me was the overall redness of the bird. It was early morning light but birds nearby had none of this aura to them. I did get good looks with the scope and at different angles the eyes always were bright red. Size was closer to a nearby Laughing Gull than to the Herring Gulls. 
It has been brought up that structurally it more resembles a juv. Pintail. It also had white streaking on its outer tail feathers.
No banding was evident.
Early, small, unusually colored Juvenile Pintail, escaped Cin. Teal hybrid? In any case it was an interesting bird that really caught my eye.  
As of 2 PM it has not been relocated. Due to heavy beach traffic I would say best bet to relocate will be early tomorrow morning at Harvey's.
BTW I have had over 50 Monarchs at one time in my gardens today.
John ogren

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