[CT Birds] Juvenile salt marsh sparrow id?

Bob MacDonnell bob at macdonnellphoto.com
Fri Aug 31 23:20:01 EDT 2012

While editing some pictures I shot today at the East River Marsh in  
Guilford I came across some photos of a juvenile sparrow I had assumed  
was a Sharp-tailed, but the bird appeared very brightly colored, with  
minimal faint streaking on the breast. Pictures were shot in early  
a.m., so after color correcting for the warm light, the bright orange  
toned down quite a bit. My guess is still Sharp-tailed based on the  
date and overall head and bill shape, but I don't have any great  
reference books and have not seen a juvenile Nelson's so I'm not  
entirely sure what it is. I put up a temporary gallery with some shots  
of the bird from a few different angles, if any one would like to take  
a look and set me straight. In addition to the regulars, there were a  
few Whimbrel and Least Sandpipers and one Semipalmated Plover there  
the past few days, two juvenile Harriers, and a flyby juv. Peregrine  
today. Also, there has been an adult Bald Eagle frequenting the marsh  
since the winter, often perching in the trees near the point of Grass  
Island. Today I saw a second, more ratty looking eagle in the same  
area, as well as the original adult eagle. Both spent most of the  
morning there.


Bob MacDonnell

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