[CT Birds] New Haven - Lighthouse Park Bald Eagle, Dickcissel, Pruple Finch, Bobolink

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 1 14:40:13 EDT 2012

A beautiful morning with a steady NNW wind and a steady stream of migrants.  In addition to 2 Juv. Bald Eagles, a Juv. N Harrier, a few accipiters, and many Osprey sightings (they aren't going anywhere just yet), the sky was filled with Dragonflies, Butterflies - and birds:  C Loon 1, Gr Yellowlegs 1, Lesser Yellowlegs 3, Laughing Gull 14, Chimney Swift 127+, RT Hummingbird 17, WB Nuthatch 5 (high-flying migrants - plus several RB Nuthatches in the woods and a couple other WB nuts), E Kingbird 14, Tree Swallow175+, Barn Swallow 75, BG Gnatcatcher 5+, Cedar Waxwing 634+, unid. warbler 9, DICKCISSEL 2, E Meadowlark 1, Bobolink 1,265+, RW Blackbird 35, Purple Finch 4, Am Goldfinch 35
Steve Mayo

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