[CT Birds] Fw: White Ibis

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 1 21:41:30 EDT 2012

I just received this report of a possible WHIT IBIS from a birding male who came 
on one of my recent walks at Milford Point.  He's a relatively new birder, but 
is pretty sharp.  It sounds good to me, so people should keep an eye out for it.

Frank Mantlik

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Subject: White Ibis

HI Frank, 

Is it uncommon to see a White Ibis this far north?  I was at Milford Point this 
evening and at about 7:45, low tide, I saw an Ibis flying west right over the 
water line.  It definitely had the long, downturned bill but it was white!  Some 
black patches on the wings, long, outstretched neck and long legs in flight but 
that bill and pure white were unmistakeable.  I checked the range maps though 
and it seemed a bit too far north.  From all the pictures I've looked at since I 
got home I'm pretty sure so it might be worth keeping an eye out. 

Also saw a Northern Harrier sweeping around the marsh.

I hope all is well!  

- Jesse Caron

ps.  I read about that epic Pelagic trip!  Awesome!  :)   

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