[CT Birds] Toot toot: RBN, + Sharpie.

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Sun Sep 2 19:25:56 EDT 2012

In honor of Rob Ballinger's RBN + SS stories:

From Arthur Shippee
09/02/12 - Hamden, between North Lake and Mather -- Red Breasted Nuthatch (voce).

And:  there was a bunch of Blue Jays & a squirrel or two swearing outside, so I went to look.  And sure enough, a Sharpie (maybe Coop) took off and flew at the Jays, causing even more swearing.  All though the laurel, so hard to see.

Also, both Downy and Hairy WP at the suet, which always amuses and delights me.

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