[CT Birds] Bluff Point 9/6

Glenn Williams gswilliams9 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 09:42:50 EDT 2012

from Glenn Williams:
9/6 - Groton, Bluff Point -- 2 DICKCISSELS, PURPLE FINCH, 25 BOBOLINKS, 2 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCHES  only 25 warblers of three species
I had a vexing hummingbird that I reported to eBird as a hummingbird sp. and wanted to leave it at that, but details were requested so I might as well pass them on here.  It seemed too large to be a ruby-throat but seen too briefly and without binoculars to know what it was.  It's body was about the length of the wild cherry leaves (4 inches eliminating the stem and narrow tip).  It flew toward the top of the cherries at the hot corner and dipped as if to land.  My first reaction was that it was a warbler based on size, but then it hovered next to the tallest branches.  I couldn't believe how big it looked but it zipped off before I could get my binoculars up.  The sun was not yet hitting the trees and I got no impression of color.  I really don't know what to make of it and can't rule out some optical illusion of size.
Warblers - 12 American Redstarts, 1 Nashville Warbler, 1 early Blackpoll Warbler, 1 "baypoll" warbler, 10 warbler sp.  Nothing else notable except those listed above.  I had to leave for work so did not get into the park, but things were pretty slow by 7am.
Glenn Williams

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