[CT Birds] Hammo this afternoon

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Sep 8 18:57:24 EDT 2012

Hammonasset SP, 3:30 - 5:00 pm. Nice Shorebird show in the puddles. In  
the west end puddles near the small parking lot: 2 Solitary  
Sandpipers, 9 Pectoral Sandpipers, 11 Least Sandpipers. While Jen and  
I were sitting there watching the Shorebirds, the large flock of Tree  
Swallows came in to 'scoop drink' in the small puddle- quite a show!

There were 118 Laughing Gulls in the Gull roost in the field between  
the parking lots (two-thirds immature birds). This is the most  
Laughing Gulls I have seen so far....and there were 23 more on the  
Nature Center parking lot Gull roost, and over 40+ feeding in the  
waves and rip southeast of Meigs. THat added up to a large  
concentration of Laughing Gulls! They kept coming in from the south  
from Faulkners Island. There was a swirling flock of feeding birds  
offshore- too far to ID, but I suspect more Laughing Gulls. Jen and I  
saw more Laughing Gulls this afternoon at Hammo than we usually do at  
the Cape May Ferry Terminal!!

THe small puddle in the Nature Center perking lot- 7 Least and 17  
Semi-palmated Sandpipers. I didn't see a Western in the flock  
(although I did look hard)!

Meigs pond, 1 Tri-colored and 2 immature Little Blue Herons, 3 Greater  
Yellowlegs, 2 Kildeer.

A Harrier was harassing an Osprey with a fish over the marsh near  
Cedar Island.

Keith and Jen Mueller
New England Coastal Birds   http://coastalbirds2.blogspot.com/

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