[CT Birds] Rock Hill Meadows - Buff-breasted Sandpipers

Russ Smiley arsmiley at comcast.net
Sun Sep 9 13:28:41 EDT 2012

Rocky Hill Meadows - 9 September 2012: I saw and photographed the pair of
BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS at the sod field with the pallets on it this
morning around 9:00.  They were also seen by two fellows, Tom & Mike, who
arrived as I observed the sandpipers among 15 killdeer. They reported an
olive-sided flycatcher at the north end marsh with the dead trees.  I
haven't gone through my photos yet to see if I got the flycatcher, but I did
see a cooper's hawk.

Russ Smiley

Marlborough, CT

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