[CT Birds] Greenwich Point

Shaun Martin birdj510 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 20:44:19 EDT 2012

A good morning flight at the point this morning with 175+ warblers of 11
species, with most passing high over head. There was a very impressive
amount of Red-eyed Vireos and Eastern Pewees, with a fair amount of
Bobolink and Purple Finches. There was a flurry of Red-breasted Nuthatches
with 7 fly overs in 10 seconds at one point, the total heard was 15+. Most
impressive this morning however was a great concentration of Swainson's
Thrushes. At sunrise there were 10 in a shrub and a seperate group of 8 a
short time later. Counting all the singles and doubles there were at least
two dozen that I saw, by far a daily high for me.

Shaun Martin

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